This page contains information regarding insurance for owners of Pelican Landing Condominium Association of Charlotte County, Inc. (Pelican Landing). Click on the document name to view/print it or right mouse-click to download the document.

Special Assessment Information
Property & Flood Insurance
Wind Mitigation

The following documents contain wind mitigation reports that have been prepared after completion of the re-roofing. They may prove useful in your discussions with your insurance company and includes all of the pertinent enhancements achieved as part of the re-roofing project and the hurricane protections that have been completed for all of the doors and windows in the building.

The first report only applies to B Building. Other reports for the other five Pelican Landing buildings (specific to each building) will be completed and posted here after those buildings are re-roofed.


While the information provided above is believed to be correct, there is no liability for any loss or damage occurring by reason of reliance thereon.

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